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Join Early for 2021

These last six months or so have been a challenge, to say the least, but one of the bright spots during this time has been the return of golf. Golf courses across the country are reporting a tremendous increase in rounds played. If you have been playing other courses in the area you may have noticed this. Some reports have shown 300% increases! 

Busy courses accompanied by slow rounds can be frustrating. At Watertown Country Club you will never have a problem getting a tee time and our rounds of golf last about four hours, usually less.

Our golf course features some of the best course conditions in the state of Wisconsin. It hosts many state and national golf tournaments, including the USGA US Amateur and U.S. Junior qualifying tournaments. We also keep a busy event schedule of our own, offering you many opportunities to compete, improve, or just relax.

Watertown Country Club is more than just golf though. Our clubhouse offers many options. Our meal service is available for you and your family, recently take-out has become popular. Our brand new pergola offers the perfect location for you or your loved ones to tie the knot. Whether you are entertaining guests, business associates, or hosting a large event our clubhouse staff has you covered. If you haven’t yet, you have to try the fish fry!

Let’s talk about why now is the right time to make that decision. If you sign-up now, you can get the remaining months of 2020. The fall might be the best time to play golf but it’s also a great chance to get to know people and the club, so you are fast out of the starting blocks come spring. 

You will also take advantage of the 2020 rates. Nothing seems to go down in price these days and there is a good chance our rates will be going up as well. You can avoid this by joining before the new year.

Joining a new place can always be a bit awkward but by joining early not only can meet some of the current members we will also give you three free rounds to bring out some guests.

Don’t miss this opportunity, call us today!